Terms and Conditions

  • Booking should be confirmed / reconfirmed at least 30 minutes before making the payment to our bankers.Booking will be confirmed 50% payment to our bankers.
  • Entry will be given on full cash payment to the tune of amount pertaining to the total number of persons booked. Credit card is accepted for payments.
  • If the number persons accompanied are more than the number persons while booking & if we are unable to provide you with additional room, additional members will be accommodated within your booked rooms only but the charges for additional members should be paid according to our above tariff rates (no concession will be offered for the adjustment of space accommodation please).
  • Advance / Booking amount can not be refunded or also can not be adjusted towards postponed dates of same person/s or any other person/s.
  • Child between 4 yrs& 9 yrs, Half Charge applicable.
  • To avoid time delay at reception counter plz, bring the list of every accompanying person, their age, mobile nos. & id proof. pl. bring age proof of child. in the absence of age proof, the decision of the Passiflora Inn management for fixing the category whether no charge(up to 3 yrs), half charge(4 yrs to 9 yrs), full charge (10 yrs& above) will be final.
  • Please co-operate with us by not sending our room service person for bringing or buying your personal needs from outside of the resorts.
  • In Awas shops are less & not located in nearby vicinity, so it takes long time to get any thing from outside. You will understand that absence of one room service person, hampers the smooth service of other many occupants in the resort. All Packages Inclusive of One lunch, One Dinner, One Breakfast, Three Tea. Any other food & beverages will be available for extra cost . Facilities like Swimming Pool, Rain Dance, Cricket kit, Football, Volley-Ball, Badminton etc. are available for the occupants. But at times we may not be able to provide them to you / to all.
  • We can offer Diesel Genset facility for free, only when the booking is full. Please note that we can not provide you this facility only when – It is out of order (not in working condition). – Occupancy is very low. In such case it can be run by bearing or sharing the cost by customers.
  • Driver will be charged for Lunch, Dinner ,Tea ,Breakfast separately. Driver will be accommodated in common driver room on separate accommodation charges, if needed(on availability and prior information). If the driver is occupied in tourist room he will be charged as regular tourist and not as driver.

Any dispute is subject to jurisdiction Alibag (Pin-402 201), Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra, India please.

Pet Policy

  • Pet must be vaccinated.
  • Charges for the Pet are excluding Food.
  • Pets are not allowed inside swimming pool. If found fine will be charged.
  • Pets are not allowed inside dining hall. Also taking food outside dining hall is not permitted.
  • If food is required for pet it will be charged extra, and can be feeded in designated area only.
  • Pets can be tied to the hook by leash if required outside dining hall.
  • Keep your pet leashed at all times as you head out of your room and must be accompanied by their owners in public places at all times.
  • Pet hygiene is the responsibility of the Pet owner.
  • Pets should not be left alone in a room or in any public areas.
  • Pets must not cause noise or any nuisance to disturb the welfare or sleep of other guests.
  • Please do not allow your pets over any furniture, for example, bed, etc.
  • Guests are responsible for any property damages or any personal injuries caused due to their pets.
  • The pets must be always supervised by an adult at all times.
  • The hotel will not be responsible for accidents or injuries to or caused by the pet, death, or loss of a pet.

Cancellation Policy

If booking is cancelled within 7 days before check-in date, no refund is given.

If booking is cancelled before 7 days from check-in date 30% Cancellation changes will be applicable. (Please not that this cancellation will vary according to season, any cancellation during pick season no refund will be given.)